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Make the sell and buy process easier and seemless and Help secure retirement via passive income thru real estate.
My Mission
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Itay Avni was raised in Israel. He has a B.A. in Logistics and Economics and a M.Sc. in Business and Information Systems. As a SAP programmer with more than 15 years’ experience,
he has worked for several large, dynamic companies in the fields of finance, material management, sales and distribution, retail and human resources.
In recent years, Itay has also ventured into real estate as investment property while using it as a retirement vehicle. His interest in leveraging while protecting your assets led him to search for ways to find cheaper financing while lowering the risks. Itay invested in condos, semi-detached, detached and commercial residential buildings. Each one has its own pros and cons. The real challenge is the financing of the transaction especially with the new mortgage laws and regulations dictated by the government and the banks, which may not be in the best interest of the individual. The real “aha” moment came when the reality of how banks charge for mortgages set in, leading him to begin writing this book.
Itay is very happily married with four kids. Itay helped many families to get out of the rat race faster by reducing their debt and gaining equity in their main home years earlier. Solving the financial challenges of the average Canadian and middle-class families is his goal. Itay truly believes that helping families learn by providing a financial education and exposure to how rich people do their business and handle their lives is the solution for getting to a safe retirement.
FOREWORD to the Book by David Franklin, REIN Canada

As an experienced investor in the U.S. market, chairman of REIN Canada and the author of Buying U.S. Real Estate: The Proven and Reliable Guide, I have spoken with many people
who want to become real estate investors. Being an investor is no simple task. People would like to be called “investors,” but are lacking knowledge and experience. Both knowledge and experience can be gained relatively quickly with the right resources and support.
So how does one become an investor and what is the most important aspect of being a successful real estate investor?
Simply put, the answer is capital to invest with.
With skyrocketing property prices, many families are forced to pay more than they want, or really can afford, for a residential property. This leaves the notion of buying an investment property a distant and perhaps unattainable goal. Even though interest rates are lower now than they have been for years, which gives mortgage payments the appearance of being affordable, even a slight rise in interest rates will cause families to default on their mortgages.
What if there was a way to pay off a mortgage years early? Would that help put some of your fears to rest and give you room to think about investing in a hot real estate market?
Families who own a home and who are thinking about purchasing an investment property need to raise the funds for the down payment, carrying costs and purchase costs. Saving takes time, and with a hot housing market, purchasing an investment property becomes a difficult moving target. However, the dream is not elusive! Having a lower mortgage means having more equity in your home. When combined with rising property values, a line of credit can easily replace a savings account, allowing easy access to down payment funds.
Your family’s economic situation has to be a priority with the expectation that interest rates will rise. So, how are you going to secure your family’s future? What are your options? Investing in the stock market is considered “risky” these days, which means that people are turning to conservative investment vehicles that diminish due to inflation and taxes. We all know the old sayings, “A penny saved is penny earned” and “It is not what you earn but what you keep.” Alternately, reducing your mortgage through negotiation is one of the easier ways of saving money. It’s easier than getting a salary raise or saving more money each month. Figuring out a way to save on mortgage expense should be your next priority.
I found that the trend in the financial services industry is not to educate the customer, but rather to match clients with the proper investment, suiting needs and risk tolerance. We have all heard the saying, “Common sense is not so common.” When I asked a banker about how I could pay down my mortgage faster, the most common answer I received was to make lump-sum or bi-weekly payments. That requires money we might not have. If you ask your banker where you can find the money to make extra payments, the answer you’ll most often get is to spend less on everyday expenses. For most people that advice is simply unrealistic. So the question becomes, is there any other way of paying a mortgage faster without changing my lifestyle? The answer is a resounding YES and the tools are found in The Big Pay Off by Itay Avni.
This book fills an education gap, in that it teaches people how to pay off their mortgages faster without the burden of earning more money or changing their lifestyles. The concepts are explained in everyday language and everyone can understand
them regardless of investment or financial knowledge. With simple rules and guidance, Avni uses the concepts of “let your money work 24/7” and “use other people’s money” to show you how to save thousands of dollars with very low risk. He dismisses the question of what to invest in and with whom to invest by proving that you need to invest in yourself. The concept of ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ gets a whole new meaning when it is integrated with compounded interest saved.
Whether you are a savvy investor or a homeowner who purchased with a minimum down payment, you can use the knowledge of the Fast Track My Mortgage concept to take you to the next level. People tend to forget that a mortgage is the cheapest loan an investor can get (since it is a secured one) and is regarded as the best form of collateral when you live in that house. Paying off your mortgage faster will free up money to leverage for investing in more properties regardless of their types or locations. Investing in more property will fund your retirement and make you less dependent on government or family help. This is the true meaning of financial freedom.
This upward cycle of creating wealth for yourself is achievable with the right tools starting with The Big Pay Off.
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